AMEE's Craft Company Crocheted octopuses, Original Art, and Art Prints!
Crocheted octopuses, Original Art, and Art Prints!

Original Art

I mostly like to paint with Acrylic paints, but I have also done graphite, oil paint and pastel, coloured pencil, ink, and a few watercolour paintings.

I love using black canvas or paper as a base (most of my pieces are on black); I think it is easier to work with and makes colours more brilliant, especially with oil pastels and Faber-Castell’s Polychromos pencils. Using Prismacolor’s Premier pencils I have (so far) only used white paper.

My paintings are completely original, so I do not use any references. A few are inspired by nature photos and various images I have seen on the internet. For example, the Outer-Worldly Mountains below are inspired by a combination of images I found on Pinterest.

The portraits I have done, on the other hand, are copied from references and illustrations. I have tried to do sketches without references, but they will probably not appear here in the near future…

I will be putting most of my work up in my shop, if you are interested in buying prints! I will also be putting up a few originals as well, as I am running out of wall space. 😉